We have been at work in GreatBritiain for 60 years sharing the GOOD NEWS that God is still interested in the lives of all who live in the UK!


We have had the privilege of seeing many lives changed when they have found that God is real and really does love them!


We are here to support and link with churches in the UK helping them to offer everyone NEW LIFE through Jesus Christ.


With ministries in Childrens Work, outreach, preaching, healing, deliverance, training in Christain service and more; we have a lot to offer.


We have experienced God's overwhelming love...and are excited about what God can do for you too!



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New logo - bright future:


Our new logo has a great significance for the Come Back to God Campaign team; arrows are a symbol that we are to continue onwards and upwards with the ministries God has made us responsible for. Britain is full of hurting people all in need of the loving and merciful God we have come to know and we are determined more than ever to know Him and to make Him known.


Same calling - new ministries:


We have launched our new internet ministry and are excited at the many doors the Lord is already opening up for us with many new and existing contacts.


New students - different pathways:


Our course is in the process of being fully updated and with the donation of 2000 modern theological books we can see it is a new season for our training school, Adelaide College. We will be offering many correspondence courses not found elsewhere at affordable prices for all who desire to know and serve the Lord more fully.


Old ministries - reborn:


Many of our previous ministries are being updated and developed (whilst maintaining the truth of God's Word) so that we remain not only professional and useful but different. Keep checking out our website and our free magazine to find out more!